Wireless Networking Overview

If you are having areas of your home where your wireless signal is weak, or times when your wireless is not fast enough for your audio streams, consider installing a fast and powerful wireless system

Both speed and signal strength across the entire hardware platform are important. We recommend that older equipment be replaced with new gigabyte hardware to handle today's streaming requirements. 




With two or more access points, we recommend a wireless controller to transfer the clients to the closest access point as the client roams. See video for brief explanation. Switches can also include POE ports to power cameras, access points, or other devices over the ethernet cable. Finally, you may also wish a managed switch for more demanding applications.

The recommended packages below are based on the approximate square foot size of the home and the anticipated number of hardwired devices. A managed switch is included in our largest package.

If these packages are not correct for your application, or if you are not sure, please contact us and we can tailor a package for you.

As always, we are also available to arrange the installation for you. Please contact us to discuss this.